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The Three Musketeers of the Kosciuszko Squadron

Jan Zumbach
Miroslaw Feric

Witold Lokuciewski
As the fighting progressed, and the Battle of Britain inevitable, fighter pilots were in huge demand. As a result, the thousands of Polish pilots who escaped to Britain after their country was taken over were called to duty. They formed loads of new squadrons, and amidst them, the No. 303 "Kosciuszko" Squadron. This squadron was one of the best in the World during World War II, and among its many pilots are 3 extraordinary aces named Witold Lokuciewski, Jan Zumbach, and Miroslaw Feric, who called themselves 'The Three Musketeers'. Of the trial, Feric did not survive the war.
Final victory tally for The Three Musketeers:

Jan Zumbach- 13 confirmed kills, 5 probables, and 1 damaged.
Miroslaw Feric- 8 and 2/3 confirmed kills, and 1 probable.
Witold Lokuciewski- 8 confirmed kills.

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