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The Credit that is Due

In World War II, everyone knows that the Allies won, but who were the Allies was the question. Was it just Britain, France, U.S.S.R., and the U.S.A.? Obviously there was more but most of us don't know them. Among the 'mysterious' nations who were part of the Allies too, the Poles were one of the best. The only nation to fight the Nazis from the start of the war to the finish, Poland should have been given more credit than they now have. They did not surrender or collaborat with their enemy even after their nation fell. Hundreds of thousands of Poles escaped to Romania, then France, and then to Britain to fight for what they believed as their freedom. The Polish Army was one of the best, helping to take Monte Cassino and many key points in Italy and North Africa. They participated in all major campaigns of the Allies and was crucial to the victory. Their Navy was brilliant, having sunk more than 30 warships, and many more others. They also shot down a huge number of planes. Their Airforce was the best without a doubt. They literally saved the British in the Battle of Britain and played a major role in the Western front too. But how their Allies payed them back was another story. The U.S. and Britain did not give them back their freedom after the war, instead, they handed her to the U.S.S.R.. The whole war, the Poles believed that they were fighting for the freedom of their country, instead, they were betrayed by their Allies. The treatment of the Poles during and after the war should undebatably, be better.
The Polish Coat of Arms

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