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The Cold War 1947-1991

The Cold War in some ways actually began during World War II. You might think the relationship between the Big 3 was of the best of friends but tension was already mounting, only in Stalin's point of view. He simply did not believe true friendship, no giving without taking, and that's why he did not trust any of his Western Allies. After the war, he immediately began to end his supposedly friendship with the US and Britain, racing them to snatch German technology and Scientists. Even after his death in 1953, his succesors continued the Arms and Space Race with the US. The first notable war started during the Cold War is the Korean War (July 25th, 1950-July 27th, 1953) , which seperated Korea into the North and South. The North being controlled by Communists and is still the same till now while the South is a democratic country. The second notable war is the Vietnam War (1959 or March 8th, 1965 when US troops are involved-April 30th, 1975) which ended in full Communist control. However, it has changed for the better with its people slowly acquiring more and more rights as time passes. The Cold War is definitely a very significant event in History and will always be.

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