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CONCEPT AIRCRAFT - airbus 2050

Airbus's envisioning of their newest airliner in 2050 is massive, elegant, and luxurious. The company unveiled the "concept cabin" to the public in advance of the 2011 Paris Air Show "Le Bourget". The cabin sacks the traditional cabin classes that we all despise (economic, business, first class) and replaces them with different seating zones. First, there is the "vitalising zone" where the air is enriched with vitamins and antioxidants, mood lighting, aromatherapy, and acupressure treatments. Second, there is the "interactive zone" where virtual pop-up projections can bring you to an activity you are interested in such as golf or even a changeroom (for the proactive shoppers). Third, there is the "smart tech zone" that is focused on the passengers that need to work and is described by Airbus to have a "chameleon style" offering where seats can change shape according to your preferences among other things.

Airbus emphasizes its incorporation of nature into the concept cabin and the imaginary high tech fuselage is a prime example. The airframe's bionic structure of an exoskeleton mimics the efficiency of bird bone where strength is applied where strength is most needed. Apart from the skeletal frame, the rest of the frame will be built with plant based material that will allow the fuselage to have sections that can turn transparent to provide a panoramic view of the sky.

The aircraft exterior layout will also emphasize comfort with high tech wing designs and engines placed in the rear that will lower engine noise for passengers.

Other high tech amenities include an integrated neural network that will identify and respond to passengers' needs including changing the shape of seats or bringing snacks/beverages. The seats of the plane will also be made of self repairing and self cleaning materials, and like the rest of the cabin, will be 100% recyclable. In keeping with the theme of environment, the seats will have body heat energy harvesting technology that will help power the personal holographic screen among other things. The aircraft will also feature double doors for faster boarding and luggage drop off right at the aircraft door.



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