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Naval-Aerial Power - Carrier Battle Groups

A carrier battle group is a group of ships centred around an aircraft carrier. These groups consist of destroyers, minesweepers, oil tankers, battleships, and other such crafts that are dedicated to protecting the aircraft carrier.

The carrier battle group first originated in WWII when Japan demonstrated the power of the carrier in the Battle of Pearl Harbour. Nowadays, the US Navy operates the largest number of carrier strike groups (US Navy term). Ten groups are based in the US and one is based in Japan.

As an example of the composition of a typical carrier battle group, here's what the French Charles de Gaulle carrier battle group usually consists of:
  • the carrier air wing - about 40 aircraft
  • a submarine
  • two anti-submarine destroyers
  • two anti-aircraft destroyers
  • one frigate in forward patrol
  • one supply ship


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