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Why mercury themometers are not allowed on planes

Mercury thermometers are not allowed on planes is because of how the mercury would react to aluminum, which is the material used for an airplane's frame. First of all, why is aluminum used?

When aluminum rusts, it produces a protective coating of aluminum oxide that protects the metal from further rusting. Also, aluminum is light, strong and cheap.

However, when mercury meets the aluminum, the mercury will break through the aluminum oxide which creates a lot of heat and then eat away the aluminum under.


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Donovan said...

It is new and good information that I have ever known. I just know that mercury thermometers are not allowed on planes. Thanks for posting it so that it can add my knowledge.

Gregory said...

I should agree with you. I have read that the best material in the world is stainless steel since it is resistant to rust and corrosive. I don't know whether it can be used for airplane, but stainless steel is better than aluminum, right?